Owner-Operated: Stump Blaster, the tree stump grinding expert, will meet with you and will personally remove your stumps. We listen – we communicate .!

Experience: Stumps are all we do. Some tree services and landscapers occasionally do removal of stumps as a high-priced sideline. Have Stump Blaster grind your stump safely, completely, and correctly the first time.

Same-Day Service: Once your tree is down, call Stump Blaster for same-day service.

Backyard Gates: Tough locations? No problem! Our stump remover can enter a 36 wide gate.

BIG Stumps: Our powerful stump cutter can tackle the large stumps, cutting Oak, Maple, Poplar, and Beech stumps, even removing uprooted cut tree stumps.

Replanting: Are you replanting your front bed? Stump Blaster will grind your shrub stumps and ornamental tree stumps up to 24″ deep to faciliate your planting a new root ball.

Free Estimates: Quantity Discounts. Fully Insured.



Stumpblaster is a local business owned by my wife and myself. I served 26 years in the USAF, stationed in Florida and Indiana, and retired in 2007. While in the Air Force I was an aircraft mechanic and electrician. I worked on F-4 Phantoms and F-16 Falcons. I served in several military operations in Southwest Asia. I have been a volunteer pilot in the Civil Air Patrol for 13 years, and have flown several search and rescue missions.
My wife Cindy graduated from Indiana State University with degrees in elementary education and administration. She currently works as an assistant principal in the Greenville County School District. We have two grown children who live in Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio.
After living in Indiana most of our lives, we needed a climate change! During my travels with the military I passed through Greenville several times and found the people to be very nice and friendly. The area is beautiful and has so much to offer, so we moved to Greenville in 2008. We love it here because there is so much to do and so many places to visit. We like to spend our free time boating on Lake Keowee, hiking at Paris Mountain, and exploring the small towns in the Upstate.

Our pledge to our customers is simple:
“Provide clean, neat, and reliable stump grinding, with exceptional service at a modest price”.

Please call us any time for a free estimate of your stump grinding needs.


Tim & Cindy Crouch


  • Thank you Stump Blaster for your work removing the two stumps in our front yard. Job well done!

    Marsha D

  • Mr. Crouch (Stump Blaster) Thank you so much for removing the stumps and leveling out the whole planting bed, your machine was great to watch. Great Job!!!

    T. Wilson