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Meet The Machines

This is a look at our machines here at Stump Blaster of Greenville. We pride ourselves on clean neat service. We are professional and care about your lawn. Give us a call for all your stump grinding needs.

See The Machines in Action

This video shows the power and performance of our machine. It also shows that we can operate on steep surfaces with little effort and our clean up and rake out. Give us a call for all your stump grinding needs.


Stump Blaster Stump Removal Services Specializes is stump removal in Greenville South Carolina and surrounding areas. We primarily remove tree and shrub stumps.

By specializing in stump removal, we are usually able to offer the best prices on stump removal in SC, as compared to other tree and stump removal services firms. We own our own equipment. This means if you need a stump removed today, tomorrow, this weekend, or next Tuesday we can do it. Some other firms may make you wait until they can line up enough stump jobs to make renting a stump grinder feasible. This may make sense if the savings are in the hundreds of dollars, but that’s usually not the case, remember, they have to pay the rental fees and guess who that gets passed on to, you. There’s something to be said for immediate service. Our machines always have sharp teeth. This means we can tackle any sized job at any time. We have the state of the art remote controlled stump grinding machine.

We grind further than the other guys.

Some firms may neglect the outer perimeter of the stump. This means that after you have removed the chips, and the contractor is long gone, you realize that the roots right where they start to pop out of the ground were not ground. Deeper isn’t always better. Unless you are planning to plant a tree in the same exact spot or planning a construction project that requires total removal, eight to ten inches is usually adequate. Grinding deeper usually only does two things, increase the stump removal costs and produces more chips for you to clean up.


To make payment easier we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover after the job is completed.

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